Crypto Soft Review

Crypto Soft is among the most common brands that you will hear when it comes to automated cryptocurrency trading. Does their popularity mean that they are trusted or should you avoid this robot?
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Minimum Deposit

The robot itself doesn’t require any deposit and is free of charge but as a user, you will be automatically registered with a brokerage that supports your country of jurisdiction. After making a deposit with this brokerage then you will be able to utilize the features of the robot.

User Interface

The layout of this robot is very basic and won’t require any prior experience in order for you to understand the system. The buttons are very simple and the menus won’t make you feel alienated or uncomfortable.

Demo Account

Currently there’s no demo account on offer but they do offer a demo video which will give you a brief overview of how the system works. Since the system is easy to understand, the lack of a practice account is a non-issue.

Automated System

The system can be set based on your preferences so you can control how the robot works. The outcome will depend on the parameters that you’ve set so be sure to configure the settings before running it. We’ve done a couple of test runs and the good news is that we were able to get positive results.

Supported Brokers

Once you open an account, you will also be registered with one of their partner brokers. There’s no need to worry because they will sign you up with a trusted service provider.


This robot has been online since 2017 and on our extensive research showed that majority of the reviews about them are on the positive side. This is a good indication that their system is effective and is capable of generating good results.


If you’re interested in trading cryptocurrency CFDs but have no time for monitoring your orders then Crypto Soft is the perfect tool to use. It has a user-friendly and fully-customizable system that can help you in generating much better results with your cryptocurrency investments.

Crypto Soft Overview

Developer Thomas Green
Supported Brokers Varies
Minimum Deposit Free
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