Bitcoin TradeRobot Review

Bitcoin TradeRobot is a cryptocurrency trading software that is used for executing trades automatically. It uses a proprietary software that generates real signals. Can this robot really generate better trading results or is it a scam?
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Minimum Deposit

As a registered member, you’ll be able to access the proprietary software free of charge. Once you sign-up for an account, you will also be registered with a brokerage that they are tied-up with which will require you to make a deposit.

User Interface

The interface design is very straightforward and won’t intimidate even novice users as the controls and menus are very easy to understand. In fact, it can only take a few minutes for you to get familiarized with the entire system.

Demo Account

The demo account is preloaded with $15,000 virtual credits which you can use to fully test the platform. This can help you improve your strategies and practice with different techniques before you enter venture out to live trading.

Automated System

The settings of the indicators and strategies used by the indicators can be fully customized giving you full control over your account. You can set a stop loss or take profit for every single trade or for the whole day. You can also set the maximum number of concurrent trades and the daily trades on BTC/USD and BTC/EUR pairs. We’ve done several tests and were able to determine that the software can indeed increase our chances to generate higher profits.

Supported Brokers

If you register for an account, you will also be registered with one of their partner brokerages. Most of the brands that they support are among the most trusted in this industry.


Since it was introduced in 2017, this automated cryptocurrency trading system has received a number of good feedbacks and positive reviews from those who have used it. In fact, they are among the top picks of traders who are using cryptocurrency robots.


If you’re new to cryptocurrency trading and would like to use a robot then Bitcoin TradeRobot can be a good choice. It’s very user-friendly, fully-customizable and comes complete with all the features that you need for automated trading.

Bitcoin TradeRobot Overview

Developer Bitcoin TradeRobot
Supported Brokers Varies
Minimum Deposit Free
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