Altcoin NEO Skyrockets Gains $525M in 24 Hours

Altcoin NEO trading volume skyrocketed to $525 million in 24-hour trading on Thursday, an increase of 10.45 percent to $140 a coin.

A Solid Bet

Over the last couple of weeks NEO price has continued to rise in value, as people buy altcoins to increase their BTC holdings, with the NEO/BTC ratio improving in favour of NEO. The largest market in the USD is Bitfinex, who trade around $43.6 million in volume. In South Korea Upbit is seeing a growing interest particularly in altcoin. It appears to be normal that people will be looking at altcoins seeing how the Bitcoin price is stuck in sideways momentum for now.

NEO Skyrockets in China

Launched in 2014, NEO has become China’s largest cryptocurrency, skyrocketing from $59.94 in December to Thursday’s price of $140.00 increasing 128 percent. It is now valued as the eighth largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $8.8 billion.

The Future

With the volatility in the market with cryptocurrencies and altcoins, NEO has a certain appeal compared to some other markets, but it is unclear what the future holds for NEO. The price could go as high as $150 if the trend continues, or it could swing back.

A ‘Go’ Place

The creators have big plans for NEO, their vision is to power a new ‘smart economy’. A lot like a computer program, they envision the ‘smart economy’ where assets are traded in a public ledger, which will shift money around when pre-set conditions are met. A ‘go’ place for people who want serious and reliable transactions.

NEO is a non-profit community-based blockchain project that utilizes blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, to automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts, and to realize a “smart economy” with a distributed network.

The race is on to design the cryptocurrency of the future.
Binance digital currency exchange offers traders a number of perks who are looking to buying or selling NEO or a variety of other cryptocurrencies.

Their user interface accommodates beginners with a basic version or an advanced version that comes with advanced and in depth technical analysis tools and stop features. They are able to process up to 1,400,000 orders per second, making them one of the fastest in the market.

They support the following cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, Neo, Qtum, Status, Bancor, Eos, Bitcoin Cash, Gas, USDT, openANX, district0x, Monaco, Iconomi, Walton, OmiseGO, 0x, Stratis, SingularDTV, Bitquence, KyberNetwork, FunFair, SONM, ChainLink, Verge, Centra, Salt, IOTA, Moeda Loyalty, Points, Metal, Substratum, Ethereum Classic, Monetha, Enigma, AirSwap, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Everex, Request Network, Loopring, Viberate, Hshare, Tron and their own token which is the Binance Coin (BNB).

What Will It Cost?

They charge a flat fee of 0.10% and if traders use Binance’s own currency (BNB) they receive a 50% discount

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