8 Things to Know About Dash Cryptocurrency

Are you a cryptocurrency trader? Have you ever had a chance to trade and use Dash or Digital Cash in your trades? If not, below are some of the details to purely understand why Dash was created and called an alternative coin or altcoin.

Dash is within the top 20 lists of cryptocurrency in Coin Market Cap and it has approximately 8M coins in circulation. The price is around $200+ and are experiencing the up and down trend of cryptocurrency trading.

  1. Dash was a fork of the Bitcoin software, meant to offer private and instant transactions. It was self-funded with self-governed organizational structure. Launched in 2014, Digital Cash (Dash) was previously called as the Dark Coin or Xcoin. Intended to work as an open source peer to peer cyrptocurrency. It allows private transactions and instant transactions. It follow a self-funded and self-governed organizational structure which is a good thing about most cryptocurrencies.
  2. Dash was intended to ensure that you’re privacy and the community privacy are well-protected. It was best described as a first privacy centric cryptographic currency based on Nakamoto’s work.
  3. Dash have a strong encryption which aims to become a medium for daily transactions. Yet there is a lot of work to do, they hope that one day Dash can be used on all spending virtually everywhere. And in the future it will do more than the usual like cryptocurrency trading while betting with cryptocurrency which is still a work in progress and are largely opposed by different organizations worldwide.
  4. Dash can be used to make instant private payments online or in-store. Using a secure open source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world. Dash exists largely to be a decentralized PayPal, where you can pay a cup of coffee without cash on hand.
  5. cryptocurrency dash online payment

    cryptocurrency dash online payment

  6. Dash aim to continually make our lives a little better, making complex things easy and more understandable by regular online user. One basic example of this one is that for bitcoin users they have this so-called BTC address so you can ask fellow traders to pay or donate to you but with Dash you only need a username for such transactions.
  7. Dash has improved in so many ways and just like BTC it relies on proof of work and census done by miners to secure the network but Dash has another component in the consensus system, it is the introduction of Masternodes. You must have 1000 Dash to be able to run a masternodes and you will be allocated with 45% of newly created Dash.
  8. Dash launched InstantSend, a process that uses the instant masternodes feature. To send and confirm transactions in seconds. Inputs can be locked in specific transactions and verified by consensus of the masternodes work.
  9. Dash unlike Bitcoin take user’s privacy seriously. BTC transactions are thought to be done and completed anonymously but experts data mining company evolved and become extremely good at the determining the source of transaction. Dash was able to change it by making it in the form of a private send feature. Private cell allows you stamp on privately by mixing it with several other transactions that’s making it hard to identify any specific transaction.
cryptocurrency anonymous transactions

cryptocurrency anonymous transactions

The details presented above just showcase the excellent positioning of Dash Coins for the future. We still believe that Digital Cash have plenty of room for the currency to carve out its own market.

It is easy to get started with Dash coins, If you are interested in creating another source of income through it start your purchase by accomplishing 3 easy steps.

First, get a Dash Wallet for small amount but hardware or paper wallet will do for larger sums.

Second, if you already have an existing Bitcoin wallet then you can obtain Dash by using your favorite exchange.

Third, let Dash stands in your wallet but make sure you are not leave them sitting on the exchange without following up on price spike. If the price goes up you can transfer it onto your wallet and you can keep it.


Now that you know how easy, safe and convenient it is to make money cryptocurrencies, it’s high time that you join the bandwagon and start investing. Start investing now while the market is hot!

Start investing now while the market is hot!

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